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New French Dealer

Exciting News! We are pleased to share that we now have a dealer in France. Bruno from Armeca VPC. We recently shared Bruno's succe... read more


Asad Wahid Adjutant of the Great Britain FT/R Team Sets new F T/R Record

CONGRATULATIONS to Asad Wahid Adjutant of the Great Britain FT/R Team who set the new GB Long Range 1000 Yard F T/R record at the 18th May 2019 GB... read more


Brayden Tayler and his Barnard Model P

We are always happy when we hear that young talent are competing and preforming well in competitive shooting, especially when they are usi... read more


What is the suggested Cleaning & Maintenance instructions for a Barnard Target Action & Trigger?


Through years worth of experience & shooting the following is our suggestions for keeping you’re Barnard action & trigger in the best condition for performance and longevity.

  • Keep the bolt internals and the trigger internals clean. We don’t recommend lubricants in the trigger. But the trigger must be kept clean. Take note of the trigger maker’s suggestions, if using another brand e.g. Jewel triggers.

  • The striker system including the bolt sleeve and bolt cap should be lubricated with lightweight grease. Use Molly Bore Paste on the bolt cocking-cam and cocking piece sear. We use Slide: Super Grease and Brownells Molly Bore paste at the factory, but any Molly Bore paste will suffice. NOTE, you need less grease than you think. Don’t slow down the striker system by clogging it with grease. Don’t get lubricant in the firing pin hole.                     
  • The action slot in which the cocking piece sear runs should be kept clean and lightly lubricated.
  • Clean the bolt lugs each time you shoot and lightly lubricate them. Too much lubricant holds grit etc. 
  • keep the bolt cap tight. Use an Alan key in the hexagonal hole in the bolt cap to remove/disassemble or tighten the shroud. 
  • Use a bolt guide when you clean & try and keep solvent out of the action. Again particularly the trigger mechanism.
  • Lastly take note of the cleaning product manufacturer’s instruction.

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